Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where is VI-Tea made?

VI-Tea is manufactured in Australia and is made from hand selected ingredients sourced both locally and from around the world.

Q. What Flavours does VI-Tea come in?

Berry Blast, Fruit Blast and Natural.

Q. What can VI-Tea do for me?

Click here.

Q. Can I take VI-Tea while pregnant or breastfeeding?

When it comes to bub we always suggest getting the ok from the Doctor first!  Keep in mind, Vi-Tea contains natural active ingredients.

Q. Does VI-Tea come in tea bags, sachets or loose tea?

For convenience and ease of use, VI-Tea has been specially pre-blended and is provided in sachet form. VI-Tea is not available as loose tea or in tea bags.

Q. How many servings of VI-Tea should I take a day and when do I take it?

Vitawerx recommend using VI-Tea twice daily, once in the morning before your first meal and the second at lunchtime or in the afternoon. You can however consume VI-Tea anytime throughout the day, to suit your personal routine.

Q. Do I need to diet and exercise when using VI-Tea?

VI-Tea should be consumed while eating a healthy well-balanced nutritional diet, whilst also keeping active. As VI-Tea may enhance natural energy levels, you may find you’re more inclined to exercise.Does VI-Tea contain caffeine?

Yes, all types of teas contain caffeine naturally. Therefore VI-Tea contains a small amount of caffeine but is less then a regular Espresso or Cappuccino.

Q. How long does shipping take?

VI-Tea is shipped from Australia within 48 hours of receiving and validating payment. Domestically, VI-Tea should be received within 7 business days of your payment clearing.

Q. How much is shipping?

Free shipping within Australia.

Q. Do you ship worldwide?

International shipping now available. Please proceed to the checkout to obtain pricing.

Q. I have not received my package, what do I do?

Contact All shipments are provided with a tracking number.

Q. Help- I’ve put the wrong mailing address

Please email as soon as possible, as dispatch of your purchase occurs within 48 hours. Although we will do our best to help you, the postal address can only be changed if your product has not been dispatched.

Q. Still have questions?

Please email us at