Vitawerx White Chocolate Cheesecake!

   White Chocolate Cheesecake by Erika Burt @havebutterwilltravel  Thanks- Low Carb  Emporium @lowcarbemporium NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION PER SERVE Fat 47g  | Total Carbs 7g | Net Carbs 5g |  Protein 11g NOTE: THIS IS BASED ON THE INGREDIENTS WE USED, NUTRITIONAL...

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Speed Up the Healing Process with Vi-Tea!

Undergoing surgery places a huge stress on the body and it’s not until you’re out of the surgery room that healing can begin. As to how well your body heals depends on many things including genetics, wound management, diet and lifestyle. One of the most important...

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Dr. Oz on Lingonberry

Check out this must watch video from The Dr Oz Show discussing the super powers of Lingonberry! - Lingonberries have 30% more antioxidant power than Blueberries! - They add years to your life! - The Lingonberry is the most potent super fruit in the world!...

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Dr.Oz on White Tea for Weight Loss

White Tea increases energy and boost metabolism in the morning, reduce stress and fat storage around lunch, throw away and metabolise fat in the afternoon and kill cravings in the evening! Because White Tea is less processed than other teas, the polyphenolsa...

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We’re all about dat White Tea!

Lisa Guy knows what’s up”✌???? “White tea contains the same types of antioxidants as green tea, but in greater quantity. These antioxidants are found to have many health promoting properties including boosting cardiovascular health, helping to lower cholesterol,...

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Vi-Tea Morning ritual with Daniel Kairouz

Detox, Energise, Metabolise!! Daniel the male model showing us how he starts his day with only 5 calories per serve and equivalent to 20cups of Green Tea. Vi-Tea is has taken the regular 'green tea' to the next level... No added sugar! No hidden nasties! Vi-Tea is...

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Drink Your Antioxidants and Detox Daily

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 5 years you’ll know detoxing is big business and rightly so. Detoxification is the single most important key to health. In fact with the increased load of environmental toxicity that we are relentlessly exposed to on...

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