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Detox. Metabolise. Energise.

Vi-Tea is a natural energy drink packed with antioxidants designed to detoxify and cleanse your body of harmful toxins and create thermogenesis to assist in weight loss.

The Guilt FREE Snacking Revolution! 


8 & 16 Packs Now Available

Chocolate Protein Coated Treats

Protein chocolate covered Almonds, Blueberrys, Macadamia’s and Coffee beans with added Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics to aid in gut health.


Liquid Oxygen.

Oxy-Genic is a clinically formulated liquid oxygen supplement taking the world by storm. It creates the ultimate blood flow for intense training sessions!

Magna Plus

Clinically Formulated Magnesium Cream.

Magna Plus is a 100% natural magnesium based cream clinically formulated to provide temporary relief from common joint and muscular aches, pain, cramps, stiffness and inflammation resulting from sporting activities or everyday life.

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